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luv letter

w’sup Chad,

Thanx for everything over the 2 weeks in Japan !
It went so quick like a dream for me. I learn a lot from you.
Of course drumming and great band spirits as well.
Best of all is how to approach my life ! I’ll enjoy mylife like you !
Because I could meet the best drummer in the world.
Furthermore, I play the drum next you ! I can do it !
Thanx for giving me a chance !!! I’m also appreciated Pearl Drums Japan !
They made me meet with you ! I owe them a lot.
I’m very lucky boy because I was giving such a chance!
I’ll be the drummer who make a fire by a wood stock…
Well I’ll rival you next time with “Magic Johnson” !

It’s an honor to be your guest at your clinic. I still can’t believe it.
Then it’s like a dream that I saw you guys on the side of stage.
It’s great that I could see your recording too.
There are many people love your drumming in the world but I’ll be the best.
Although, I like a women more than drumming like you !!!
I know it gonna be a long tour but please take care yourself and good luck !
I love L.A so I usually go to L.A once a year. I play the drums wildly at guitar center
on Sunset Bvd.. Now, I’m planning to go to your national tour over there !
I’ll be very happy if I could meet you again in USA.

This is endless, isn’t it.
At last. Cheers for Chili Peppers !
Please give my regards to Flea,Anthony and John.
Of course the band is top class and so as the crew…
Everybody, Bill, Louis, Lyssa and Chris welcome me.
They are wonderful people.
All drummers in the world are waiting for you,Chad !

I’ll look forward to hearing the best album like you can feel the sun in California in that.
And Bless you.

Your brother Tetsu.